Spring Racing Dress Code

As the Spring Racing Season gets into full swing, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help ensure your Spring Racing fashion is on point. Each event during the Spring Racing season carries its unique dress code.


Spring Racing Style Guide 1

Derby Day

Derby Day, one of the most glamorous events of the Spring Racing Carnival, epitomises classic monochrome style. In contrast to the bold and vibrant colours of the Melbourne Cup, Derby Day fashion is all about embracing sophistication and refinement. Whether you opt for a pure monochromatic look or decide to mix black and white for your Derby Day outfit, we recommend selecting designs that honour classic lines and modern, clean silhouettes. Keep your styling elegantly simple by accessorizing with a clutch and understated jewellery. Derby Day is the moment to revel in timeless and understated chic, allowing you to shine in your classic monochrome ensemble.

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Spring Racing Style Guide 2

Melbourne Cup

Following the refined monochrome palette of Derby Day, the Melbourne Cup signals a departure into a world of vibrant and bold colours. Although there isn't a specific dress code for this grand event, it's the perfect opportunity to embrace a statement-making style and showcase your race-ready best. When selecting your Melbourne Cup outfit, dive into a world of confident, eye-catching colour palettes, and experiment with contrasting accessories. Embrace statement silhouettes and consider a headpiece that perfectly complements your overall look. Melbourne Cup is all about turning up the volume and making a statement, so let your outfit speak volumes on this historic occasion.

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Spring Racing Style Guide 3

Oaks Day

Oaks Day, affectionately known as Ladies Day, is a joyous celebration of feminine fashion. It's the ideal opportunity to bask in a feeling of romanticism with enchanting floral prints, fresh springtime colours, and delicate lace embellishments. Soft and graceful silhouettes, adorned with romantic frills and flowing forms, captivate the essence of feminine styling, offering a canvas for you to embrace the beauty of this special occasion. Oaks Day is your invitation to revel in the magic of feminine fashion.

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Spring Racing Style Guide

Stakes Day

Stakes Day, marking the grand finale of the Spring Racing Carnival, offers a more laid-back dress code. Often referred to as Family Day, this event embraces a relaxed atmosphere, making it welcoming for both kids and families. While the dress code leans towards the casual side, it's essential for attendees to adhere to Flemington Racecourse's regulations. We recommend selecting an outfit with a floaty or softly draped design, departing from the structured looks commonly seen on other racing days. Prioritize comfort and infuse your look with playful colours while maintaining a chic, race-ready appearance. Stakes Day is all about effortless style and fun, a delightful close to the carnival.

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