Perri Cutten Manuka | Designed by Brahman Perera

Located in the heart of Canberra’s Manuka, Perri Cutten’s beautiful new boutique marks the start of an exciting collaboration between the renowned interior designer Brahman Perera and our brand. Our vision? To create multi-dimensional, captivating retail experiences that are deeply rooted in their local environments. Brahman graciously shares his design inspiration for his first Perri Cutten boutique in Manuka below.


Perri Cutten Manuka 1


“The interior for the Manuka boutique combines quality materiality, timeless forms, and tailored details that echo the modern femininity that the Perri Cutten label is known for. The coarseness of the original building’s hull is refined with a soft biscuit-toned render and interspersed with various timber displays that allow for a variety of clothing presentations and arrangements. Finished with mirrored panels and solid timber plinths, these elements take inspiration from curatorial methods in fine art galleries, while a series of curved clothing displays in the centre of the boutique creates an anchor and beating heart to the space”.



Perri Cutten Manuka 8



Perri Cutten Manuka 3


“Saturated inflections of a true primary-coloured red represent the confidence of the Perri Cutten woman, akin to a swipe of red lipstick. Its form is an unadorned custom display unit, inspired by Donald Judd’s beautifully austere artworks and furniture. A travertine counter operates as a terra firma, the solidity contrasting against raw silk curtains behind. Throughout, Perri Cutten Manuka is enlivened with collected furnishings, lighting, and artworks by local makers and artisans, tying the store narrative to its immediate Australian context.”


Perri Cutten Manuka 4


Perri Cutten Manuka 2



Perri Cutten Manuka 11 

Interior Design: Brahman Perrea

Photographer: Lillie Thompson

Artwork: Sophie Gannon (gallery) Artist: Clare Thackway

Mirror wall light: The Visuals (Clementine Maconachie)

Built: Southern Cross